May 5th, 2009

The Kyoto Connection is an Argentine band who create music they describe as “a sweet mix of electronic music with traditional japanese sounds”. A short documentary about the group can be seen on YouTube. This song, “Painting With Lights”, along with their other music, is available for free under Creative Commons at the band’s website



January 3rd, 2009

One Hell of Holiday Season

So yeah, its busy as hell around the holiday seasons for me, but I just wanted to pull up a digital music artist for the month of December, but someone spiked the egg nog. 7 Days later I wake up in Death Valley with this song being played in my head like angels. Not gonna sit here and talk on and on about this. From the dark corners and generally shadowed areas. I give you, from their latest album FH3, TZDV by Faderhead

February 28th, 2008

This video is a week old, so if you poke around at CNET’s podcast pages, you may have already seen this. But, for those who haven’t, Jonathan Coulton joined Tom Merrit on CNET Live last week on the 21st to talk about his career and to sing a few songs. He only sang the first verse, but he did happen to sing my three favorite songs of his. He also talked about the various ways you can acquire his music¬†as well as how you can help to persuade him to come sing in your area. Enjoy!

DoSu TeamDoSu Team


February 26th, 2008

Okay, so it’s totally not Friday right now, but the video is from a Friday! It’s the latest in Casual Friday videos from Rocketboom. I think that I am going to start posting these here each week (as long as they keep making them, that is), because they’re always awesome. Anticipate them! And enjoy this one, it’s my favorite that they’ve ever done aside from the Pi song.