June 6th, 2009

It’s impossible to not make this weeks’ Bearly Noteworthy post completely about E3 and E3-related announcements. Since most of the E3 coverage that I consumed originated at GiantBomb.com, I’m also finding it difficult not to make this a post that links solely to GiantBomb.com. So fuck it. They simply killed it on coverage with basically five dudes. Tons of video content, daily podcasts, interviews, wrap-up posts, and very little of the premature, judgmental snark that is endemic to rapid-fire coverage.

Bullet-point highlights from the Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft conferences. My favorites from Microsoft: Crackdown 2, Alan Wake. From EA: Crysis 2, hooray! The Saboteur looks rad. And Ubisoft: I am stupid amounts of excited for Splinter Cell. Rabbids make me sick.

Sequels! More Mario looks good.

Price drop? Aw. Really, though, I was glad to see Final Fantasy XIV will be coming to PC in addition to PS3 just as XI did.

Brink is the game that I most wanted information about when going into E3. I haven’t made up my mind on S.M.A.R.T. yet (it’s explained in the video embedded below), but I think it may make more sense within the context of the game. I hope we get to see some gameplay soon. I’d also like to know what Bethesda’s involvement is with this project; they haven’t said much, only Splash Damage has. I’ve got a feeling Bethesda may just be publishing on this one.

  1. Most of my interest was in what Valve was going to announce… and they seriously disappointed me. Now I feel like a douche for recommending L4D on the promise that more content was being added.

    It was interesting to compare the BIG THREE’S different methods of 3D inputs. It seems Sony’s is superior to Wii’s, once they get it working. However, MS’s tech is completely different from the others. I see it benefiting more from passive interaction to enhance games that are already out, if they can manage it. The problem with Sony and MS’s products is the install-base/software paradox. If they can get it working with something that gamers already have, then it’s going to interest a lot more consumers.

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