July 24th, 2008

It’s that time again. To snort lederhosen and call 911, you ask? Nay, it’s time to look into the future of gaming. Outside of the comic we don’t actually write much about current and future games here. This is the specially reserved segment, last posted three months ago, to unleash our lists of anticipated PC titles. (obvious ones excluded) As you see, it’s my turn.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
In all fairness, Sokkratez was excited about this game long before I was. A recent gameplay demonstration video caught my attention, but it wasn’t until the words “coop” were uttered that I was hooked. This is a free-roaming action shooter not unlike that found in GTA or Just Cause. There just doesn’t seem like there are limits to this game. The character’s got a swiss army knife of abilities, weapons, and support. Everything in the world seems destructible. Apparently they wanted to give the player anything they’d ever think of and more. Obviously that’s not possible, but it still results in such a wide array of ways to approach the game situations that it’ll no doubt equal countless hours of fun times. Fun times, that is, with your buddies alongside for the battle. Cooperative is such a huge feature for me. Right there is enough information to get me excited, so I can’t wait to find out more and get my hands on this game when it comes out August 31st.

Quake Live
Everyone likes free, right? Last time we mentioned a free ad-supported web-integrated Battlefield game. This time you get the ultimate in deathmatch games, Quake 3, launched via your browser. So, what’s the difference between Quake 3 and Quake Live anyway? Well, I’m not really sure. Web integration is probably the biggest noteworthy difference, but this is easy access Quake 3. I’m not sure more needs to be said. Am I right, Sokk? I never really got into the game during its golden years, but I find it the most respectable of all deathmatch games in existence and I actually look forward to fragging people at blazing speeds. I’ll be able to do that this year.

Mirror’s Edge
If someone mentions “parkour” one more time in reference to this game I’m going to cry, but damn if I don’t want to play this first person courier game. Yes, you deliver messages… except you’re doing it across 30 story rooftops on foot… while being chased and shot at by cops who want to shut you down. Apparently this country’s government doesn’t respect free speech as much as others. You don’t start out with a weapon (no doubt banned), but you can pilfer them from cops you knock out with your wicked kicks. It’s said that you can go through the whole game without firing a shot, though it’s somewhat of a challenge. Oh, and did I mention the main character is a woman and the art style is unique? EA’s come a long way to fund a risky game like this. DICE has earned their due, apparently. November 11th is the date.

Project Origin
When I first heard Monolith was making another FEAR game, I thought it was a mistake. I’d have rather seen a No One Lives Forever sequel or something. I mean I liked the first one, but do I want more? Then the videos started coming. The more I see the more Monolith proves me wrong. The graphics engine actually does more than push pixels. Monolith put it to good use to create some of the most amazing and cool effects I’ve seen in a shooter, effects that actually enhance the gameplay. They seem to have improved on every aspect of FEAR so that it’s a more rich and varied experience. (time will tell) So, this game left off where the original game stopped, completely ignoring the expansions (that were not made by Monolith) to FEAR. They couldn’t use the title “FEAR” in the name, but still manage to use it in a slogan: “FEAR ALMA AGAIN”. Apparently the game’s set during that time of the month cause she’s even more freaky. Expect to wet your bed at night sometime in the fall of this year.

Natural-Selection 2
Little known fact: I’m a fanboy. Ohnoes, PK! Whatever for?! Well, once I stop talking to myself I’ll tell you. It’s for a little Half-Life mod called Natural Selection, a sci-fi FPS/RTS hybrid. You have marines. You have aliens. Both play uniquely and both hate each other, much to the benefit of gamer’s everywhere. Like any FPS game you have weapons (or pokey things, as it is with aliens) and you shoot (or bite, claw…) the other team. Like any RTS you have resources and structures to build to expand your area of control and eventually destroy the other race. Both in the same game, and done in excellent form. I have never experienced multiplayer like this since. I’m hoping its sequel will change that. Just recently they announced that they were moving from developing the sequel on the Source engine to their own proprietary engine, which is actually speeding up production. I’m still guessing that it’s going to be a 2009 game, but it’s going to be cheap… like $20 cheap. The development is mostly an open book, so check it out over yonder. You may have already seen the dynamic infestation tech video on the internets.

Pey'J countin' fliesBeyond Good & Evil 2
BG&E has a certain charm I can’t shake. You can read more about that in my cheap games post about it. So it’s not hard to guess that when they recently announced BG&E2 with a certain trailer, I couldn’t contain my glee. The fans have been asking for it for a while now and we knew the designer was pushing to get it funded (considering the first one flopped financially… at first), but until now we didn’t know for sure it was being worked on. Right now we know practically nothing about the game other than what the teaser video hints at. So, this is probably the last game on my list to be released, no doubt somewhere in the latter half of 2009 (hopefully earlier, but it’s done when it’s done), but it’s worth including due to my enthusiasm. Hey, there’s no limit on the “future”. (maybe I should put up BG&E3 on the list for good measure.. heh) Ah yes… good one to end on.

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