June 6th, 2008

Trials 2: Second Edition is a physics-based stunt-racing game created by Helsinki, Finland-based studio RedLynx. The developer’s previous releases include Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command for the DS and PSP.

In Trials 2, players control a masochistic individual on a motorcycle who’s got it in his mind to climb, flip and sacrifice life and limb to make his way through all manner of obstacle courses. Course types are separated by various objectives. These include “Wheelie”, where points are awarded for driving on one wheel; “Flips”, where extra time and points are awarded for doing flips; and Dynamic, which sets you on courses filled with any variety of obstacles. These are in addition to the general track compilations of various difficulties. RedLynx has made a habit of distributing new tracks via free patches as well.

Trials 2: Second Edition is a difficult game, but it’s also very satisfying. I often listen to podcasts in the background while playing; I think that having a bit of a distraction suits the game’s nature. The full game complete with over 50 tracks, leaderboards and 25 achievements is available at RedLynx’s official website or via Steam for $9.99. A demo is also available from either source.

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