June 30th, 2009

By Justin Van GenderenInstead of posting another kick ass artist, this month I thought it’d be cool to show where to go to learn about creating digital art pieces. Plenty of helpful tutorials and that sort of thing.

Becoming Better at the Digital Arts.

Become enamored with digital art: photos made clean and crisp through manipulation and correction; painting made clean and easy, with no brushes to wash or tarps to lay down. All of it is just a blast to do. I love the feeling of using Photoshop compared to most any other programs, and I rarely like to pick up a pencil or brush and use them for fear of mistakes and wasted materials. Like many others, I got started with the program on my own, just exploring it and learning things by myself. Every once in a while, though, I’d see a cool effect and wish I knew how to make, so I’d cruise the Internet for a tutorial to show me how. Sites like psdtuts+, a great resource for those who wish to build their skills in digital art.