September 29th, 2009

Ben Lerman is a singer, songwriter, comedian, and ukulele player based in New York City. He is also a frequent guest on the Keith and The Girl Show. The song featured below, Green Card, and the rest of Ben Lerman’s music is available for free at

Ben hopes to one day play his ukulele on the bow of a cruise liner, leaning over the ocean, with only Leonardo DeCaprio’s agent holding him back from perishing in the great blue sea. [...]
August 13th, 2009

In my recent post on games writing I made the assertion that podcasts will overtake text as the preferred source of news and opinion online. Over the course of each week I spend an entire day’s worth of time listening to podcasts. Not with my full attention, mind — I multitask. I listen to podcasts while playing games, while I browse the web, and while I eat. Listening to podcasts is, for the most part, an auxiliary activity. There are a few select shows for which I make an effort to devote special attention; I’ve decided to share.

Buzz Out Loud's logo

Buzz Out Loud is a daily technology news podcast from Each episode is thirty to forty minutes long and is hosted by Tom Merritt with two or more others from a rotating group of regular guests. BOL has become a part of my routine; I listen to or watch the show with my morning coffee while I scroll through my RSS reader. As such, it’s my first stop for tech news and opinion. I still subscribe to the news feeds of sites like Engadget and Arstechnica, but much of what’s discussed on BOL every day is picked from their headlines anyway; it’s like a tech news “best of.”

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DoSu TeamDoSu Team


April 24th, 2009

First heard of this band through my favorite podcast Keith and The Girl. This song as well as the album it’s from are both available for free from the band’s website

Missed one again.