January 20th, 2010

I use this image of stars to symbolize the future even though the light is actually from the distant past. SPACE.To celebrate the beginning of Downloadable Suicide’s third year, I’m looking toward the future and sorting out which of 2010′s games I want to play. Only two games from last year’s post actually came out (Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Dragon Age: Origins), but I’ve managed to play them both. This time I’ve tried to choose games that I’m pretty sure will launch this year, and I’ve added a section for games that might be announced.

What’s (Probably) Coming Out

Planes bombing stuff in Battlefield 1943Battlefield 1943 (DICE, EA): I’ve been trying to play this on Xbox 360 since buying it on sale over the holiday, but I experience weird lag in most matches. It seems to be a problem with keeping players in sync — I call it undo lag: I take three steps forward, then I take two steps back. But that’s fine — I only wanted to take the one step anyway. Later, I shoot a rocket at a tank, then it turns out I didn’t. That’s fine, too. I get to try again. But it’s a real bummer when I actually wanted to do the thing that I tried to do. Still, when it works, and even though it’s a shooter on a console, Battlefield 1943 is fun. I’m excited to play the PC version, provided the networking issues don’t come with it.

That's a big dude.Final Fantasy XIII (Square-Enix): I almost want to play this more because it’s a JRPG without an action combat system than because it’s a new Final Fantasy game. Its combat system is actually somewhere between action and turn-based, but as long as I’m not constantly mashing buttons for 70 hours, I’ll probably love it. It’s Final Fantasy, after all.

I'm stoked for darkside grinds.Skate 3 (Black Box, EA): Although Skate 2 wasn’t my favorite game of 2009 as its predecessor was in 2007, I definitely played it more than any other game. I’m sure to do the same with Skate 3, as long as the promotion of co-op doesn’t ruin the game for solo players.

Disaster.Alpha Protocol (Obsidian Entertainment, SEGA): Against my better judgment, I didn’t cancel my Alpha Protocol pre-order (for which I’d already been billed) when Sega announced its delay on the day it was meant to release. I’m bracing for disaster.

Working together for the win.Brink (Splash Damage, Bethesda): Splash Damage has a lot to prove with Brink. We know they can create a fantastic multiplayer game (though I feel as if I’m the only one outside of Europe who thinks so of Quake Wars), but can they create a world of their own and tell a story within it that makes us care?

To Be Announced In 2010

An under appreciated, but beautifully implemented feature.Lost Odyssey 2 (Mistwalker, Microsoft): I’ve decided that Lost Odyssey is the best turn-based JRPG I’ve ever played. I want the series to continue; the characters are immortal, it only makes sense.

Persona games are weird.Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5 (Atlus): Rumors say that this game will transition the SMT franchise to Playstation 3. If that’s true, this is also the game that will transition me to Playstation 3.

When climbing ladders, feeling up a knife is the best way to pass the time.Counter-Strike 2 (Valve Software): I just have a feeling.

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