May 30th, 2009

The Gamer Artist

The March Madness got me, but I’m back. By “march madness” I mean games, movies, and conventions. Speaking of games, this month I’m gonna give you a taste of one hell of an artist that’s also a gamer — the artist simply known as ‘Ionen’.

Dahlia By Ionen

Don’t mess with Ionen

Stabby by IonenSo our artist this time around is from the great ol’ state of Texas. Though I doubt anyone could apply any type of regional stereotype to this artist as they seem to be a fan of Final Fantasy and other games of the like. Also looks like if you want a nice commissioned piece, this one’s your gal. I’ve been looking her commissions over and they seem to never disappoint. There looks to be a hint of Asian influence to her style, which makes sense since she’s a fan of such fellow artists as Shunya Yamashita. If that’s not an Eastern name I don’t know what it is. Anyways, I’m always a big fan of pirates and dark elves, and if I’m lucky, both in one. Ionen seems to do both, so it is win-win for myself. So if you’re looking for an artist to do some kicking fantasy character portraits, look up Ionen on Devian Art. Instead of sitting here raving about her and her work, I’ll just show off some more examples.

Aphelion Savion by Ionen Celcias by Ionen Kokichi Robot by Ionen

So this is Ionen’s work. If you like it, let her know here.

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