November 30th, 2008

So this month we have someone I’ve known awhile, and am glad to have met, and I definitely am glad to have gotten to seen some of her art. She’s the first person I go to for advice on the matters of my Wacom tablet. Some call her “Ariel”, others “Becca”, and yet others refer to her as “her Chi-ness”, Rebecca Conway.

Who, what, where, how?

Well let’s start with where I happened upon this artist. She is in fact a fellow gamer, which is how I happened upon her awhile back. Much like myself she’s been at this art thing a long while and has done everything from t-shirts to more recent digital game. Now while I’m still trying to get a decent handle on my favorite style, Rebecca seems to have hers locked down. She does art that resembles the japanese anime style. Which is something else I like about her, she’s a fellow anime fan. She’s capable of more but this seems to be her favored form, but we’ll get to that in a bit. For now we’ll just reveal her as a true red, white, and red Canadian. That’s right, a good ol’ Canadian doing japanese style art. Deal with it, it is good regardless. If you’d like to see more, look her up on Like I said before, she does use a Wacom on occasions like myself, but I think she’s quite a bit more experienced at using it as she seems to do whatever she needs to with it. For those that don’t know what I mean when I say Wacom, I refer simply to a little electronical tablet you can buy and hook up to your computer and get to drawing all kinds of things quickly. It’s a good device with which Becca displays enormous skill with.

Canadian Anime?

That’s right, I said it, and it is phenomenal stuff she’s got going on. It isn’t like every other kid here in the states, who’s trying their damnedest to draw just like some other anime artist. Rebecca has her own thing going, and I think that’s what I like alot about her pieces, the draw on their influences enough that you get where they might be coming from, but not so much that you mistake her for every other artist out there drawing saiyans and samurais. So for that, I find these pieces awesome, and say “Canadian Anime” with great joy. A big thing with her lately is doing characters for a table top RPG known as Legend of the Five Rings. She’s also currently working on a manga of stories that her and her friends go through while playing said characters. It moves at the pace in which its donated to, and you can find it right over at her site. So enjoy following that little web comic if you get a chance.

Brawling Clubs and Blue Hair

So besides magic samurais and such, some other things Rebecca has created a couple of other items that seem to peak the interests. The first is High School Brawling Club, which is located on the second item, her website Now while I haven’t finished reading the series, I’m pretty sure you can guess a little at what its about from the title, but like most things in the realm of anime, there’s a bit more to it. Now as for the rest of the site, you can find a whole bunch of information about Becca, including how to hire her or just browse some other slices of digital goodness she’s whipped up. I’m going to stop writing now and try to go get caught on some of my own stuff now and give everyone a chance to look at some of her stuff. So I’m out, you keep reading, and I’ll keep drooling over some of the artists out there.

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