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September 25th, 2008

Though a simplistic platformer it may be, it is clear that Love was crafted carefully and arduously from top to bottom by developer Fred Wood. Boasting twenty levels of pure platforming goodness and an eleven track original music score by James Bennett, not to mention a smartly implemented checkpoint and lives system, Love is honestly a joy to play.

Simplistic controls eliminate a barrier to entry. After adjusting the game window to an appropriate size with F5 and F6, you’ll use arrow keys to move left or right, A to jump (hold for a longer jump), S to set your checkpoint and D to recall to that checkpoint at the cost of one life (of one hundred). The game’s difficulty is dependant on your patience, timing and reflexes.

I’ve put together a video of myself playing through the first level. Somehow I do not manage to die. I have played the first level many times, but this was the first time I did it without falling. I do place several checkpoints along the way (indicated by a silhouette you leave behind) but I never get a chance to respawn or recall.

Love is a simple game with a simple price. The full version will cost you only one dollar. If you aren’t sure this game is for you, there is a five level demo available. Fred Wood’s Love page is down now, but we’re providing a mirror here for the demo.

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