September 7th, 2008


I’d like to start doing something new around here in the spirit of finding kick ass thingies all around the net. A little thing called “Digital Art Appreciation”. Just shining the spotlight on some of my favorite artists I’ve found over the course of browsing the web.

Mr. Argyle Goes First.

So while I’m a huge fan of zombies and would love nothing more than to start out by showing you an artist who does excellent work on them, I’m not going to. I thought it would be best if we start with someone known quite well in the world of AEG, his name is Steve Argyle. Steve is known best probably for his work on Legend of the Five Rings and other Fantasy and scifi games and what have you.

Steve, like many a people in this “age of the computer”, has found the internet a great outlet for showing off his artwork to the world. He’s come out with his own site,, which I myself tend to visit at least weekly to see what new creations he’s willing to show. Some of his pieces give me a sense of traditional good vs. evil, while others make me feel its oh so fun being bad.

It would seem this modern artist, is even lucky enough to make the rent and then some with his work on collectible card games, as well as some Star Wars, Capcom, and Imperivm pieces. Lets not forget his independent stuff, that kinda stuff is usually how artists get discovered, their own shit.

So here’s a few bio facts about the CG artist. Mr. Argyle grew up here in the US, in the state of Utah. He attended the University of Utah, and he’s still working on grabbing his degree. He’s also currently freelancing if you got some Crazy CG piece you want made and have the money to dish out to make it happen.

And so with that I’d like to say thanks Steve, for kickin ass at making fantasy look awesome.

  1. His light accents are fascinating. He’s got surface reflections down. Like with Darth, there’s obviously something bright blue in front of him (hologram, most likely) and a white light above despite what you see of the room being a dismal red. It really gives it spacial depth. The backdrops are pretty boring, but that just focuses your attention to the characters.

    After looking at the site, it’s apparent that not all his art uses this approach. He knows what he’s good at but he does try other things. I love the translucency of the “wraith”. He’s also got some grungier stuff like the mummy.

  2. The “Bloodspeaker” I linked just so happens to be one of my favorites. He did a nice job on a detailed background, but he dulled the colors so it doesn’t take your eyes away from the seductive n saucy little evil looking maiden. Also I can’t tell for sure but it looks like the armory in the backdrop was done in 3d. Glad to see he’s working that skill set if that’s what it is.

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