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March 31st, 2008

Today’s game is again, not a freebie, but it pays for itself quickly via Awesome Express. The game is called “Eets: Hunger. It’s Emotional.”and it was developed by Klei Entertainment. Not to be confused with its counterpart that was released last year for XBOX Live Arcade, Eets: Chowdown, the 2006 version I’ll be covering here is for the PC.

I’ve heard this game described as “Lemmings meets The Incredible Machine”. Maybe I’m a horrible person for it, but I’ve never played either of those games. But I get the idea. It’s an idea that I like, and I’m glad that the people at Klei came up with it.

Eets is simple fun, but can be incredibly complex, if you let it. The objective of the game is for Eets to safely get from the beginning of the level to the shiny orange puzzle piece at the end. How you accomplish this is not always readily apparent, and in most cases, the solution is open to interpretation.

Each puzzle starts out paused. You’re left to survey the layout, see what kind of items are before you, observe what Eets’ default emotional state is, and also make note of Eetswhat’s in your inventory. Eets will behave differently in certain situations depending on his mood. For example, if he’s sad/scared, he’ll be wary of ledges and will turn around when he gets to them rather than jumping off. If he is happy/content, he will jump when he arrives at a ledge. If Eets is angry, he will stomp his way around very quickly and when he arrives at a ledge, he will launch himself off of it much further than he would if he were in a better mood. Keeping track of and manipulating Eets’ mood with the tools provided to you are just the beginning of what you’ll need to do in order to guide him safely through the myriad of puzzles that this game has to offer.

If those are not enough, Eets also comes with its own level editor. You can share these with others via the community site as well as download levels that others have made, so your enjoyment of this game doesn’t have to end when the stock puzzles are solved.

Eets is available from both the game’s official website as well as through Steam for $9.95. Custom levels are available to you either way. If you’re interested in the XBOX Live Arcade version of the game (which features entirely different puzzles), it’s roughly the same price; 800 Microsoft points. There are also several puzzle packs available for purchase on the Marketplace.

  1. I still haven’t finished it yet, but it certainly gets VERY different looking than those shots. There’s stages, as seen, and areas that feature different art sets and puzzle elements. So, for variety it seems to be there so far. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Lemmings or similar puzzle games. As usual, I’d go for the Steam version. It costs the same and has the benefits of Steam. Practically any working computer can run it. It should be noted that while the art is colorful and the at first the puzzles are pretty simple, it does ramp up the difficulty quickly. This is not a game that the younger kids would get a handle on too easily, IMO.

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