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Downloadable Suicide was a resource for geek issues — gaming, comics, tech, and the internet. It was meant as a niche haven against internet group think, while advocating conscientious consumerism and healthy gaming habits. We were aiming to maintain a balance of sensible familiarity and iconoclasm, hopefully avoiding redundancy with similarly themed websites — essentially contributing to, not re-posting, the net. However, things change and we moved on to other projects. Independent and cheap gaming is now well-covered by great sites like RockPaperShotgun.com, and is well-supported by digital distribution services like Steam and HumbleBundle.


Kyle Loera “Sokkratez”

Downloadable Suicide comic co-writer, Bearly Commentary articles, cheap gaming tips, comic tips, Bearly Noteworthy news, Audiosurfing videos, and free software recommendations

Michael JT Smith “PseudoKnight”

Downloadable Suicide comic co-writer and artist, machinima syndication, cheap gaming tips, free software recommendations, and site design & programming


Nate the Necromancer comic and Digital Art Appreciation

Frequently Asked Questions

Bring Down IE6Q: Why does the site look so bad in Internet Explorer 6?
A: PseudoKnight: This is the first time I’ve designed a site without catering to that browser. It seems only businesses ever use it anymore. I haven’t gone out of my way to make sure it works, but nor have I gone out of my way to break it. Users and network administrators will simply not upgrade if web developers continue to support it. Similarly, I have dropped support for IE7 as well. It wasn’t as much of a problem, but development is far faster and easier using standards. (IE6 support actually doubles development time for websites) I’d recommend switching to FireFox, Opera, or Google Chrome, depending on your tastes. Opera is our preferred browser here at DoSu, but all three are great.

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