December 12th, 2009

Congratulations to our pal Rob Geboers and his Schnauzer Radio Orchestra for getting onto such a great album.


This is a gallery containing issue #1 of the Dante’s Inferno comic book. It helped me realize that my interest in the Dante’s Inferno may not extend past its marketing campaign.

At last; there’s been too much not-Sam-&-Max coming from Tell-Tale for my tastes. I only hope they’ll distribute this new season through GameTap as they did the previous seasons.

Jolicloud is a Linux distribution that is tailored for netbooks. The project’s leader is Tariq Krim, co-founder of Netvibes. If you’re interested in Google’s ChromeOS, give Jolicloud a look; it serves a similar purpose, and it’s available now.

Bill Harris writes about why he loves King’s Bounty: The Legend. I’ve been playing it over the last few months, and I love it as well. I’ve had some technical issues just as Bill did, but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. Check out his article for a bit about why King’s Bounty is a great game.

This is a pretty nerdy gag for network TV. Kudos to whichever writer on his staff pitched this.

  1. Serious kudos to Rob. I love the song. Sokkratez (er, Kyle) and I were talking about how Schaunzery it was.

    I cracked the hell up when I saw Sumotori in there. I can’t help but wonder what it was like for those that haven’t played or seen the game before. I’m glad I didn’t see the thumbnail for the video before I started it. Try the game yourself here. It looks like they’ve added additional things since last I’ve played.

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