February 20th, 2009

Don't call it an iFluid.The latest Steam Weekend Sale for February 20th through the 22nd is debuting a new indie game bundle for just $9.99. Inside the pack are several games that have been featured here at Downloadable Suicide including Eets, Trials 2 and the recently expanded Gravitron 2. Also included in the package are I-Fluid and the multiplayer version of the award-winning RTS Darwinia, Multiwinia. After the sale, the bundle (if it still exists) will cost $44.95.

  1. That’s a deal no matter which way you look at it. I hope it sells like … I’d say hotcakes, but who the heck buys hotcakes? So I’ll say cola. People buy ridiculous amounts of cola.

  2. I second that opinion. Even with the unfavourable exchange rate for the currency in my country (3,5 to 1 USD) the purchase is well worth it and will provide you with hours upon hours of game.

    I got my copy of the pack last night, and for those who missed it check Steam right now, I can still see the pack for its discounted prize.

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