November 13th, 2008

Back in April I wrote a bit about a few of the games that I was looking forward to most this year. That article has remained pretty popular over the months, and since the future which that feature referred to is now, I thought I would do a follow-up. A few gaming trade shows, a major merger of two gaming juggernauts and a development delay or two later, not quite all of the games on my list have been released yet, but I have gotten my hands on several.

Let’s revisit these in order, shall we?
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October 23rd, 2008

I’ve been a little bit out of whack this week so I don’t have a full feature to share. Hopefully a short status update will suffice!

I have been playing a lot of LEGO Batman, mainly. You may recall that it is one of the games I was looking forward to most this year. It’s very fun and has more content than I could have anticipated. On the RPG front I have started playing Rogue Galaxy on PS2 and on my DS I am continuing to chug along in Luminous Arc. Somewhere along the way I seemed to trip and fall into Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, also on my DS. I’m enjoying all of these but with the distractions of home renovations happening all day and the anxiety of soon-to-be-due school work I have not been able to shift my focus to DoSu this week.

I do have a short video to share, however. Running through various levels in Free Play mode of LEGO Batman for red bricks and canisters (gotta collect’em all), I came across a fun glitch. It involves Mr. Freeze, an innocent bystander and an inifinite supply of LEGO bits. If anybody else is playing, I’m curious to know if this can be duplicated on the console versions (I play on PC, of course).

April 7th, 2008

You may be expecting me to be talking about a new cheap game right now. Normally, that’s what I’d be doing. This week, I’m going to talk about some games that I’m looking forward to, and most of them won’t be cheap. These aren’t all of the games that I am looking forward to this year, but these are my most-wanted ones that aren’t the obvious picks. You won’t see Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Starcraft 2, Spore or Gears of War 2 in this post. Those are obvious; everybody cares about those. You have probably heard about these at some point, but there isn’t much new information floating around about them. In short, this is an awareness post.
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