January 20th, 2010

I use this image of stars to symbolize the future even though the light is actually from the distant past. SPACE.To celebrate the beginning of Downloadable Suicide’s third year, I’m looking toward the future and sorting out which of 2010′s games I want to play. Only two games from last year’s post actually came out (Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Dragon Age: Origins), but I’ve managed to play them both. This time I’ve tried to choose games that I’m pretty sure will launch this year, and I’ve added a section for games that might be announced.
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February 28th, 2008

This video is a week old, so if you poke around at CNET’s podcast pages, you may have already seen this. But, for those who haven’t, Jonathan Coulton joined Tom Merrit on CNET Live last week on the 21st to talk about his career and to sing a few songs. He only sang the first verse, but he did happen to sing my three favorite songs of his. He also talked about the various ways you can acquire his music¬†as well as how you can help to persuade him to come sing in your area. Enjoy!