May 12th, 2009

Today’s song, March of the Zombies, I’m proud to say, was created by our friend, the funk-nificant Rob Geboers, A.K.A. “Rob Goobers”, A.K.A. “Doctor Soul”, A.K.A. Schnauzer Radio Orchestra. You may be familiar with some of Rob’s work from the numerous theme songs he has composed for such podcasts as ExtraLife Radio, The Final Score and Comics Coast to Coast. You can hear more of Rob’s music at, or the Schnauzer Radio Orchestra MySpace page.

DoSu TeamDoSu Team


October 23rd, 2008

If you’re a reader or listener of ExtraLife you’ve probably heard of Scott Johnson’s gaming podcast Final Score. You also know it’s been on hiatus for a good many months. Recently he put out a call for people with recording ability and a gaming-related story to tell. I decided I’d give it a shot, so I wrote some stuff down, opened up Audacity and recorded a story. I sent him my submission, and apparently he liked it. My story is featured on the premiere episode of the re-launch of Final Score. It’s pretty corny but it’s a true story from several years back that I look back on fondly and often. Anyway, check it out, I am at the tail end of the show.