July 28th, 2009

Binärpilot (A.K.A. Binaerpilot, Alexander Støver) is a purveyor of chiptunes from Norway who makes an anti-industry stance with his music and aims to suppress what he calls popollution. In that vein, Binärpilot’s music is distributed for free under Creative Commons via Binaerpilot.no, Jamendo, and a discography torrent. “Widibf,” the song featured below, is from the album Defrag.

These modules are a complete defragmentation of my system.From the second I became self-aware my sensory units were bombarded with stimuli. To categorize and label these I devised a temporary subprogram to aid me in this process. I called it Shawl. The stream of input caused Shawl to expand continously. Eventually she grew beyond her preset parameters and bad blocks started appearing. I had to address this. Defrag is a year of processing human culture and emotions.To create my own expression. (8bitpeoples)
June 23rd, 2009

Macroform is an ambient electronic artist whose music can be a little tricky to find all in one place. The most comprehensive sources seem to be a page on OPSOUND and a Bandcamp website — complete with visualizers. I also came across what appears to be Macroform’s blog. The song featured below, Seeing In Purple, inspired me to do something a bit different with the video than I normally do; I hope you like it.

Macroform is an artist from the Troy, Ohio, USA. He is a musician, drummer, percussionist and computer musician, who also dabbles in guitar and piano and found sound in general to create sketches and compositions reflecting the worlds both internal and external. He draws from a broad range of musical influences from alt. rock to the net label scene at large. Many have found his music both cinematic and evocative. Delve in and find out how much your ears will find.