October 29th, 2008

Think the choice for this month is a good fit…

Drop Dead Sexy

This month’s artist lives right in my own neighborhood of the Los Angeles area. He does wonderful and interesting things on the digital front of art. He’s a vector artist who takes simple forms and turns out complex things with the vectoring heaven of artisty. He tends to focus on things of dark nature mixed with the female form, and out comes something that will leave you longing for a taste of sinful pleasures. The horned demonic women depicted in his pieces stood out to me, other than the intricate and hypnotizing designs that make up the frequent backgrounds in his work.
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September 7th, 2008


I’d like to start doing something new around here in the spirit of finding kick ass thingies all around the net. A little thing called “Digital Art Appreciation”. Just shining the spotlight on some of my favorite artists I’ve found over the course of browsing the web.

Mr. Argyle Goes First.

So while I’m a huge fan of zombies and would love nothing more than to start out by showing you an artist who does excellent work on them, I’m not going to. I thought it would be best if we start with someone known quite well in the world of AEG, his name is Steve Argyle. Steve is known best probably for his work on Legend of the Five Rings and other Fantasy and scifi games and what have you.
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