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This is a list of all of the cheap games we’ve featured in the blog. Every game is under $10 — many are even free! Here they are in order of price (low to high):

De Blob (2006) PlatformerFREE
Play as an amorphous pile of goo by absorbing the color of living things and transferring them to inanimate objects. That's fortunate for this world, because the whole damn thing is gray! However, the big bad government wants to keep it that way.
Love (2008) PlatformerFREE
(full version not available) A fun and challenging, though simple 3-color platformer with a nice checkpoint system.
Phyta (2008) ExperimentalFREE
An experimental arthouse type puzzle game about growth.
Portal: Prelude (2008) FPS,PuzzleFREE
A full campaign 3rd-party mod for Portal featuring a new prequel story and much more challenging puzzles. Use portals and physics to traverse diverse challenges.
Requires Portal.
Synaesthete (2007) Action,RhythmFREE
Synaesthete is something of an "action-rhythm" game set to electronic music. Navigate "Zaikman" through a series of rooms, eliminating enemies along the way by hitting "notes" successfully.
The Graveyard (2008) ExperimentalFREE
A five minute artistic game that's more experience than gameplay.
"Donate" $5 and get one simple extra feature: death.
Trackmania Nations Forever (2008) RacingFREE
Over-the-top arcade time-trial racing including online multiplayer, track-building, and car painting. It can be challenging, but it's a blast.
Somewhat limited version of Trackmania United Forever
Tripline (2006) PuzzleFREE
A puzzle game where you draw an uncrossable line and at the same time try to cover every geometrical icon within the black frame. You have to pick three of the same icon before being able to go to a different one.
Geometry Wars (2007) Shooter$3.99
The premise is simple: shoot the shapes. Collide with a shape and you die. As time goes on, the game becomes increasingly hectic. It's good, cheap, and worth a look.
Ben There, Dan That! (2008) Adventure$4.99
(includes sequel Time Gentlemen, Please!) A comedic adventure game where Ben and Dan visit a number of parallel realities. Contains an ever-displaced London skyline, soccer hooligans, zombies, and tolerance for wanton murder.
Chains (2008) puzzle$4.99
Link three or more circles together. Each of Chains' twenty levels presents for players a different objective and a different obstacle.
Chaos Theory (2008) Puzzle$4.99
A challenging puzzle game where you populate collectors with magnetically charged particles with the help of objects and good timing.
Gravitron 2 (2008) Shooter$4.99
A classically styled arcade shoot'em up. Man a small lander equipped with thrusters, activated energy shields and a laser cannon to take out turrets, navigate caverns, rescue scientists, and destroy the reactor(s).
Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon (2003) Adventure$5.99
A 3D adventure game and direct sequel to Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror.
Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror (1997) Adventure$5.99
A classic, point-and-click 2D animation adventure game with plenty of humor, mystery, and intrigue.
Prey (2006) FPS$6.99
An under-appreciated solid sci-fi FPS including online multiplayer. The game offers plenty of twists and mind-bending navigation. Retail copies can be added to Steam.
Price does not include possible shipping costs.
AudioSurf (2008) Rhythm,Puzzle$9.99
Re-experience your music with this puzzle driving game. It dynamically generates a track based on whatever song you play.
Beyond Good & Evil (2003) Action Adventure$9.99
An adventure full of diverse gameplay, a wonderful story, and charming characters. A reporter discovers a dangerous secret about a war with a menacing alien race. Jade must work to protect her adopted family.
Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! (2008) Puzzle,RPG$9.99
Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! is a genre-bending puzzle-role-playing game in the style of a board game with a narrative.
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (2006) FPS,RPG$9.99
A fantasy action game featuring first person melee, ranged, and magic combat. There is also a skill tree that gives you access to new spells, combat feats and passive improvements. This game includes team-based multiplayer along with its linear narrative campaign.
Day of Defeat: Source (2005) FPS$9.99
A WWII multiplayer-only first person shooter featuring tight foot soldier combat with several classes that outfit your character with different weapon loadouts.
Defcon: Everybody Dies (2006) RTS$9.99
An unconventional RTS set during a what-if nuclear warfare scenario using nostalgic vector graphics. Win by dying the least.
Eets: Hunger (2006) Puzzle$9.99
Been described as "Lemmings meets The Incredible Machine". Get Eets safely to his destination by changing his mood (with marshmellows) and his environment.
Everyday Shooter (2008) Shooter$9.99
The object of this twin stick shooter is to create chains of explosions over top of some pretty interesting music. Winner of three IGF 2007 awards including Design Innovation, Excellence in Audio and the GameTap Indie Award.
FlatOut 2 (2006) Driving$9.99
FlatOut 2 is an arcade-style driving game offering race, stunt, and derby modes.
Gish (2004) Platformer$9.99
Rolling, jumping, sticking, swinging, squeezing and stomping around as an amorphous pile of goo. I think that it can fittingly be described as a physics-based puzzle game.
Painkiller (2004) FPS$9.99
Classic Doom and Quake style singleplayer FPS action. Hoards of enemies and really big guns - hell yeah. Online multiplayer.
Two singleplayer demos and one multiplayer demo available.
Peggle Nights (2008) Puzzle$9.99
Aim and bounce balls off pegs to clear levels and score lots of points. Unlock new characters that add interesting variations. This is simple, yet highly addictive.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003) Adventure,Platformer$9.99
A memorable game featuring acrobatic platforming, 3rd person combat, puzzle solving, and a captivating tale.
Psychonauts (2005) Platformer$9.99
A runaway hastily trains to be a psychic soldier. But, as he's entering his teacher's minds and learning new abilities, a mystery develops in the camp. Now he must use his new found abilities to save the day.
Trials 2: Second Edition (2008) Stunt,Puzzle$9.99
You control a masochistic individual on a motorcycle with the goal of traversing from one end of a track to another all while trying to maintain balance on your bike and pull off flips or wheelies from, ideally, a side view.

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  1. Hey guys, good work on the site. Got a few games, both on Steam:
    The Ship: $14.99
    The Ship Single Player: $9.99
    yeah, they’re seperate, and if you can find it in stores, you get both for $19.99

  2. PseudoKnight PseudoKnight

    I’ve had the pleasure of playing The Ship a few times. I’ve never had a game elicit such a deep sense of paranoia before. It’s pretty awesome.

  3. You can get Beneath a Steel Sky FREE from along with other “Good old games.” Just thought you might want to know.

  4. Hey I stumbled upon your blog by accident on yahoo while trying to find something totally unrelated but I am truly happy that I did, You have just got yourself another subscriber. :)

  5. Psychonauts is free to play on game tap.

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