March 20th, 2010

Good show. Third party DRM in Steam games makes no sense.

I could follow my instinct to disbelieve Ubisoft, but I think if Valve were taking a moral stance against DRM by removing games from Steam, they’d do it in all territories.

I clicked this headline in my Google Reader expecting to be taken to an article at The Onion.

$5 per new map? Who else is glad they didn’t buy Modern Warfare 2? Phew.

Good one here; I’ve been enjoying the mini-series. I hope it’s in for as good a run as the Knights of The Old Republic comic was.

Perhaps Microsoft and EA weren’t the villains we thought? Ah, probably they were.

I’m more excited for Skate 3 than ever. Graded challenges, landing feedback, and hardcore mode are longstanding features of the Tony Hawk games. Jason Lee was in the last good one (Project 8), too. They should fit well.

  1. @soedoica It’s my understanding that most official Star Wars fiction (Expanded Universe) is canon. There’s approval processes and crap.

  2. @soedoica Mercs is good. It holds up as of a year or two ago. Battlefront seemed only okay. I want to play The Saboteur when it’s cheap.

  3. @Sokkratez I mean more like will they mention it or will they only hint at the events of the first two games. I’ll check it out if they do.

  4. @Sokkratez Guess it’s my taste, never liked Mercs or Mercs 2. If you like it though, you should like Saboteur, same game, different setting.

  5. @soedoica I could see them making references, chronology permitting. I need to catch up too. Started waiting for trades at #12 or so.

  6. @Sokkratez Few things: 1) Yes, I’m glad I passed on MW2 too. 2) Do you know or have you heard if the KOTOR comic is canon for the MMO?

  7. @Sokkratez 3) Pandemic made crap games. Even Star Wars Battlefront really wasn’t that great, it was just kinda fun to run around as a Jedi.

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