February 27th, 2010

My words about it are over here.

Does game design work best when it’s analogous to film making, or to music composition? Neither, and I don’t think it’s important to make the distinction. Games shouldn’t imitate a specific art form, they should express the qualities of them all. Because they can. Video games are the culmination of art as technology, and technology as art. They’re amazing. We shouldn’t limit such a medium by trying to make sense of it in the context of less capable mediums.

Games as we know them today owe a lot to Carmack’s work. I can’t think of a person more deserving of this award.

This week also marks the first year anniversary of Quake Live, as well as the 14th year anniversary of QTest. In celebration, Quake Live received an update and event, and id employees past and present have reflected on QTest on the Bethesda blog.

Of course it is.

EA/DICE restricting dedicated server files to certain “partners” is leaving me conflicted about wanting Bad Company 2. They’re keeping dedicated servers on a leash, just out of reach of total freedom. But whether I like it or not, the market is changing, and we players seem incapable of shifting it in our favor. If EA’s restriction really is just to maintain statistic and rank integrity, and to sell maps (which seems benign in comparison to Activision’s or Ubisoft’s), I can be okay with it. Or I could, if it weren’t for EA’s history of shutting down online games.

But I’m probably overreacting. EA appears to deactivate games based on how many people still play. There’d be greater cause for concern if Battlefield 1942, despite its persisting popularity, had its master servers taken offline in light of a sequel being released. Besides, the Bad Company 2 beta was a heck of a lot of fun, and we haven’t had a successful non-Call of Duty, non-Valve shooter on PC in a long time. I’ll probably give in to temptation and buy it.

This is an hour-long “Quick Look” where every cut scene from Amped 3 is shown. I had no idea the game was so surreal.

  1. @soedoica Medal of Honor gave me pause, but it was the in-between one. People probably stuck to the first game. I never played any of them.

  2. @Sokkratez Pacific Assault was the forgotten PC one. Allied Assault was the D-Day, made by pre-Infinity Ward 2015. The other was Airborne.

  3. @Sokkratez Rising Sun is second only to Vanguard as the worst console Medal of Honor. That and no one plays MoH for MP, really.

  4. @Sokkratez I argue that’s why CoD is as big as it is and MoH fell off. MP becoming more important than SP in FPS games. I prefer MoH though.

  5. @soedoica That makes sense, if Pacific Assault was by a different developer. I knew a guy at 2015; he’s id now. Level designer. Lost touch.

  6. @Sokkratez Pacific Assault was EALA, they did most of the games. They tried to separate the PC and console, console got European Assault.

  7. @soedoica I feel bad about never having played even the first game. This new one seems rad. Great trailer. He kicked that dude into a bomb.

  8. @Sokkratez European Assault being my second fav after Airborne. Pacific Assault was good, but it was SP focused in a post-Battlefield world.

  9. @Sokkratez I would just play Airborne, the others don’t hold up to modern shooters anymore. Airborne’s gameplay ideas are fantastic, too.

  10. @Sokkratez And I think the dude had a bomb on him, so he kicked him away. That’s how I saw it anyway.

  11. @soedoica That’s right. That’s even better. I remembered it worse.

  12. @Sokkratez You nailed it with the EA’s shutdowns; I’m sure no one plays those games so why keep them up?

  13. @Sokkratez Odd that some complain like they play Facebreaker or Def Jam Icon online or something. People hated them when they released. :p

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