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February 3rd, 2010

I’ve just finished Mass Effect 2 after 36 hours of play spread across seven days. At some point during that, I decided to take screenshots. Not for any specific purpose; I didn’t intend to create a narrative or a photojournal, I only wanted to capture the cool moments I was seeing. Using Fraps and numpad forward slash, I had taken almost 3,000 screenshots when the credits rolled. After sorting — viewing, deleting, saving, converting — I have just over 300 moments to share. This is the first time I’ve taken so many screenshots of a game, and the process was surprisingly noninvasive. I just pressed the capture key whenever I liked something that was happening. You could say I used Fraps to applaud.

Thane and Shepard
If Shepard and Garrus were a band Doing what he does
Posing for a wallpaper

Click here to view a slideshow, or click here for a thumbnail gallery and to download full-size 1680×1050 versions.

  1. @soedoica Hell yes. I’ve watched some video with male Shepard in them, he just sounds wrong.

  2. @Sokkratez Hooray for female Shepard. The only way to play.

  3. Glad to see I’m not the only one who played a FemShep in Mass Effect. These shots are really good, partially due to the great graphics and constant cinematic presentation but I think you really nabbed a lot of the good moments.

  4. I’m really stunned how good Mass Effect 2 looks. The voice acting is great, and I hear it plays fantastically too. It’s a shame I’ll have to wait on it.

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