October 10th, 2009

GameTap is kicking ass lately. Heroes V Gold was added last week, Trine this week, and Trackmania is coming next week. There are about two dozen existing games being made 64-bit compatible, and just look at that list of new games being encoded. I’ll say it again: GameTap is the best value in gaming.

Is joke thievery illegal yet? Do I need to get a lawyer?

I suppose this means that Trackmania 2 will also be developed for consoles. Perhaps in time for Summer of Arcade 2010? That went well for RedLynx with Trials HD.

Watching this, I feel like Saw’s concept is a better fit for games and should have been applied to them in the first place. This doesn’t look bad — I wouldn’t be opposed to playing it in a year or so when it’s $10.

  1. I was listening to that ad on the radio today and was like: I heard this joke somewhere…

  2. So I can count on you to testify?

  3. Definitely!

    I just noticed that GameTap is just now rolling out 64-bit. All this time I was contemplating getting it but I could never use it until now. Keep that DoSu filter going – always good stuff in your posts.

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