August 8th, 2009

Beginning next week and continuing on through Christmas, a lot of high-profile games are going to come out. Naturally, this means information about delays (FREAK OUT!!), pre-order bonuses, and special editions is occupying news sites. This is wonderful if you’re a person who buys new games at release, but that’s not me. As such, news this week has been a let-down.

That is, except for this:

Geek-out on some Rage screenshots with me; these aren’t your daddy’s skyboxes. The PDF is worth a look as well, if you can make heads or tails of it.

  1. Rage looks really nice! I love that id runs pure OpenGL and makes these awesome, multiplatform engines. It’s a shame, I don’t have any hope for Rage outside of the technology.

    I checked out the PDF and all the terminology is way over my head. scares me away from learning hardcore graphics programming.

  2. I have no idea what to expect of Rage as a game. It’s very different from what they’ve created in the past in multiple respects. The technology for unique texturing must be simultaneously an artist’s dream and nightmare.

  3. I saw some posts about Rage and Brink both having public demos at QuakeCon. Unsure whether that means hands-on or not (that’s happened before with Quake 4 and ETQW) but in any case, I hope we get to see more than just Rage’s tech.

  4. I would think that public demos equates to a hands on. I always keep my hype meter low for id until I get to, at least, see some gameplay. Definitely waiting on QuakeCon, just for new shots of this idTech 5.

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