June 2nd, 2009

I thought I’d kick off June with the appropriately titled “June (I Hate This Month)” from Los Angeles-based artist Monk Turner’s Calendar album, where he’s written and recorded a song for every month of the year. As a self-described “Concept Artist,” Monk Turner makes all of his music freely available under Creative Commons via Archive.org’s Open Source Audio repository.

“With Creative Commons licenses, I have the ability to distribute albums freely to anyone in the world without the need for a distributor and without worrying that someone could be using the songs outside of their intended purpose. I couldn’t do what I do without Creative Commons.” — Monk Turner
  1. What game is this?!?!

  2. This game is Audiosurf. It’s for the PC. We have an article on it in Cheap Games: http://downloadablesuicide.com/2008/02/24/strafing-never-sounded-so-good/

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