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October 27th, 2008

Back in July, shortly after I started offering regular Comic Tips, I recommended everybody check out Rasl, a psychedelic sci-fi comic written and drawn by Jeff Smith with covers by Steve Hamaker. I just want to sent out a reminder that issue #3 finally dropped with the 10/15/08 week of comics. Up to this point it would appear that the book has been on a schedule of four months/issue. Unfortunately, at the back of issue #3 is an ad saying that the next issue won’t be dropping March of 2009. Thus, it looks like four months has now been stretched out to five, but it’s well worth the wait. Things really start to pick up in issue #3 and you start to get a good idea of what’s going on with Rasl, the extra-dimensional art thief.

With such an unfortunate release schedule as two to three times a year, I am worried that interest for Rasl will dwindle and it would cease to exist. Don’t let that happen! If you need a little bit more of a nudge, you can check out a five page preview of Rasl #3 over at Boneville, Jeff Smith’s website.

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