1. I lol’d.

    So true too. I went from playing GoW one evening and then putting Eternal Sonata into my 360 the next day and I almost fell into an epileptic seizure because of the colors.

    …a very welcome seizure… >.>

  2. That’s an adjective I never thought would have been used in conjunction with “seizure.”

    The whole push for realism is getting on my nerves now. The diminishing returns has reached critical. We need to support quality tools for the artists so they can bring imaginative worlds to life and in less time. Higher detail standards and constantly updated engines do not help this ideal. If you look back at past popular games, they stand on their legs today because of their gameplay and art. Engine improvements impress people for a very short period and yet require a huge time and monetary investment. Thank goodness for “arcade” and “casual” games. They’ve reinvigorated the game development world.

  3. Pseudo Is Right!
    I Played Prototype And Quitted Around 30% Cuz ALL U SEE IN THE GAME IS RED, RED, BROWN, AND MORE RED -.-
    So Do Bionic Commando.
    Omg Im Realising How This “Realistic” Shit Is Fucking Our Games.
    Wanna Hear The Truth?

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