July 17th, 2008

In an unintented effort to maintain a theme of odd game recommendations that is probably born more from mismanagement of time rather than ambitions to stay consistent, I have another very short and simple arthouse type game to share with you this week. Created by independent developer Abraham Parangi of Cambrian Games, Phyta will both relax and entertain you with its simplistic gameplay and mesmerizing soundtrack.

The objective of Phyta is to ensnare angels within vines which are drawn toward a sun that is attached to the mouse cursor. While the game has no discernable end, it does have 5 levels that change once a certain number of angels have been trapped within the vines. Trapping angels has three effects: the angels grow and become more complex, the sun grows, and the number of vines that are growing increases. By default, the vines grow rather slowly, but left click can be held down to make them grow faster. I personally let them grow at their normal rate; it’s more relaxing when you consider the amazing guitar and cello soundtrack.

I’ve made a video of a few minutes of gameplay, but I do recommend you just try it out for yourself:

YouTube Preview Image

Phyta is a free download. I downloaded this several weeks ago and I can’t find it on the Cambrian Games website anymore as it has changed quite a bit, but I’ve uploaded it for you to download it here.

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