June 12th, 2008

So I know this is late… again. but yeah its been one hell of a bad week. I was giong to get into bitching and whining about all the ticky-tacky bs from the week until I saw Steve over at Dueling Analogs had a bit of worse one when he got some bum news. So we’ll just say it wasn’t that great a week and leave it at that!

Okay now that we’re over that, some web artists have been talking about Sumo Sacs, the newest Sumo bean bag product. I’d love to get one of these and see how much relaxation I can get in some that I can form to fit whatever position I want to sit in. Mmm, I’m getting chills just thinking about being able to get that chill. I’m gonna go get some shuteye, this comic and week took a lot out me, laters all.

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