May 14th, 2008

So yeah, I’ve noticed like many others have, that the Westboro Baptists are still allowed to go and ruin funerals, a sacred ceremony by their own religions standards. Since Mary is modeled after someone with that frame of mind and her idiotic dope of a brother who does whatever she says and the zombie with practically no say in whatever he does in the afterlife of undeath. I figured I’d have them do something the the Westboro crazies are doing, only I’d throw in a little Slayer reference (its an easy one to find).

Anyways, enough of all that kafuffle. This week hasn’t been so great, but it is slowly getting better, so we’ll see how it turns out by weeks end. I was planning on doing a post right after this, but I’m tired as hell now, so I’m go relax and then come back to finish it up for you guys when I’m back. Laters!

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