PseudoKnightMichael JT Smith


March 29th, 2008

PreyPrey is often maligned after it’s long development cycle left people disappointing themselves and their high expectations. The game can actually be quite enjoyable for fans of classic HL-era FPS (with some twists). The narrative appropriately sets the tone and drives the gameplay, like in the best of games. The protagonist is a Native American named Tommy who feels disconnected from his heritage, one that will end up being crucial to his survival. The action is a blast with many perspective shifts that keep it a unique experience. The weapons are enjoyable, thankfully, as that often tends to be crucial to my enjoyment of FPS games as a whole. They feel nice. That long development time surely wasn’t wasted here.

I think my only complaint was how you couldn’t lose. Similar to the chambers in Bioshock, but with added effort, you can revive yourself where you left off after you “die”.┬áIt runs on the Doom III engine (2004) to give you an idea of how well it will run on your system. It still looks great, as you can see in the screenshot.

Sokkratez and I have both played through the game and we both highly recommend it. You can probably find it for under $10, but it’s selling for $20 sold out on Steam as of this moment. (don’t ask me how) Luckily you can add any retail Prey cd-key to the Steam service.

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