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March 11th, 2008

See what I did there? No? Well, you might once you start reading about the game I’m going to be talking about today. It is from a developer called Cryptic Sea and it won awards for Innovation in Game Design as well as the grand prize at IGF in 2005.

GishThe game is called Gish. Like De Blob, it has you rolling, jumping, sticking, swinging, squeezing and stomping around as an amorphous pile of goo. I think that it can fittingly be described as a physics-based puzzle game.

Gish, being the amorphous pile of goo that he is, has many forms that he can take on. In his normal form, he is a perfectly malleable pile of goo that can get around just fine on flat surfaces and minor inclines, and can also roll over most small obstacles. It’s when the more unique obstacles get in his way that he needs to do a little morphing. Want to make a steep ascent? Go into prickly sticky mode, get some momentum and you can crawl up walls, swing from ropes, even walk on the ceiling. If you need to fit into a tight spot or float to the top of some water, you can become super-liquified and, in turn, less dense, to accomplish these feats. You can also increase your density to increase your movement speed, topple down obstacles like breakable walls, sink to the bottom of a pool or even destroy some enemies.

You can read more about Gish as well as get ahold of a free demo at the developer’s website. It is only $10 if you purchase it through Steam.

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