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March 1st, 2008

This game is called De Blob. According to The Wikipedia: “de Blob was originally developed as a free downloadable game for the Windows PC by eight students studying Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of the Arts and one student studying Game and Media Technology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.”. I’ll take their word for it, and you should too.

In De Blob, you play as an amorphous pile of goo that can’t help but absorb the color of whatever living thing he comes into contact with (you can even mix colors! ) and, conversely, cannot help but transfer his current color to whatever inanimate objects he happens to bump into. This is fortunate news for the world that you have unfortunately crash landed on, because the whole damn thing is gray! Your job is to spruce up the place while also evading the government who are appropriately dressed in black, for points, and of course, the good of… humanity, we’ll say? Running into these government officials will cause you to paint the world black and you’ll be awarded no points. Watch out for them. The game is controlled entirely with mouse movements and left clicks for jumping, right clicks for bringing up your map. Easy peasy.

De Blob is a very small, free download. You can get it from the Banana Games website (translation from Dutch provided by Google!) (DoSu mirror). The retail game being published by THQ is said to be due in Q2 2008. Enjoy!

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